pressing pause

After a little over seven years, Incidental is pressing pause on its operations to focus more closely on several opportunities emerging from our work. 

Over the years Incidental has operated as a kind of container for a range of different and diverse explorations by myself and my creative collaborators. Always something less than a proper organisation, and something more than nothing, I viewed it as a way to explore ideas without getting boxed in to a series of unhelpful divisions between art, education, commerce and various kinds of change-making. And yes, that took us to some fascinating places. Ones that might not have seemed to have that much in common on the surface - live performances of found-sound electro-funk with the excellent Guillermo Brown, explorations of the design and dynamics of collaboration with Victoria Ward and the World Health Organisation, building iOS apps for schools education, creating a museum of lies with National Museums Wales. But underneath all of them was a deep-held conviction in the transcendental value of collaboration. Demanding, intellectually-engaged, honest ways of working with different folks to achieve something you care about. I'm proud of a lot of what we achieved - and proud of the failures almost as much as the successes. 

But things move on. And as our work evolved, different projects took on a life of their own, and presented opportunities that Incidental was just not set up to capitalise on. That commitment to total diversity became less of a boon, and more of a handicap. So for now, we're putting Incidental on ice, setting various projects free to exist on their own out in the big wide world. 

Our lovely Feed app has gone from strength to strength, and is now the foundation of a new company called pyka which we set up in February, and is devoted to bringing next-level digital creativity to schools and cultural institutions across the country. In this guise, we've already worked with over 3000 students in 50 schools, as well as collaborations with Tate, London Symphony Orchestra and Chapter. Check out the website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what we're up to. 

Our collaborations in Cambodia began way back in 2009 with Neak Ta, and some of these continue now under the guise of Krom Monster, bringing together ancient Khmer instruments and the right-here-right-now, with a series of new EPs and an album planned for later this year, as well as plans for a European tour. New website to follow shortly.

Finally, we've brought together everything we've learnt about commerce, community and creativity to start on a new series of projects with people outside the Incidental family. The first of these is White Noise, a project about cities and people based in White City. In this project, we're are using a range of artistic commissions, exploratory journalism and site-specific interventions to explore the area and to help inform its future evolution in a way that benefits everyone who lives, works and plays here. 

So, thats it. We'll leave this site here as a record, but this will be the last post for a good while. Who knows, the time may come to return to Incidental once more as a platform for experimentation. But for now - thanks to everyone who has supported us, commissioned us, collaborated with us or come along for the ride. In other rooms and other times we shall see you again.